Series of inspiring posters for my son Raúl.
He likes, of course, to see himself looking like a SuperHero :D
First thing you need to achieve something is to believe you can make it. This does not mean it would be easy (most of the time is not), and we need to realize failures are part of the process to get something done. 
Constancy is the key to get things done.
We all need to work during a loooong period of our lives.
So here is the importance of making your job your passion, or the other way around, making your passion your job.
As a kid I remember my grandma saying to me ' when you grow up you have to be an accountant or working in a bank or something...' which I never found interesting at all.
I understood her concern about the money but money shouldn't be everything in the way of choosing a profession.
That is the kind of view I would like to transmit to my kid. I mean, he can be whatever he wants , but I think he should choose something he likes to spend his time on and really fills him up as a person.

Because spreading love starts with loving yourself.
This builds confidence that you can reach your goals and face problems that will comes to your way. 
Learning to love and approve of yourself is one of the hardest things to do.
It requires you to take the time out to put yourself first and then help and love other people around us.
We should be brave enough to open ourselves enough to let our authentic voice come through.
To make this happen we need to be conscious of our own feelings, be consistent with our decisions.
What the rest of the people say about us should go into the background.


More posters are coming soon... Do you have kids? any suggestions?:)
I hope you like them!

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