José Bernabé is a Graphic Designer & Lettering Artist spending his time between the cities of Amsterdam and Málaga.
He uses a mix of typography, lettering and illustration mixing the traditional and the digital, achieving vibrant colourful visual solutions, dedicated to the shapes and flexible in styles depending on what it needs to convey. 
José has made work for brands like Nike, Adobe, Nickelodeon, Adidas, Amazon, Unilever, FWA, Old Spice, KLM, Fristi, XXL, SteelSeries, Gategroup, Hither & Yon, Citroën, Post NL, Nutricia, Dalí Speakers...
His work has been published on Adobe, Abduzeedo, Inspiration Now, Design Taxi, Fubiz, TrendHunter, Photoshop Creative Magazine, Fahrenheit Magazine, Index Books, Betype, Graffica, among others.

- Element Taks (Warsaw) 2018
- Festival de Antigua (Guatemala) 2018
- Let's Talk Design (Amsterdam) 2018
- Core77 Jury Member (New York) 2019
- Domestika Lettering course 2021 (Click here)


I worked quite a while with José at JWT Amsterdam. He’s a very talented guy, an original thinker, and a good colleague.
A bit stubborn though, but sometimes stubborn is good.
I’m a great admirer of his artwork. It’s unique, funny, bizarre and colorful.

Gerard Foekema
Senior Creative at Wunderman Thompson Amsterdam

José has an amazing creative mind, and makes the most beautiful designs.
At the same time he is very goal oriented and focused on deadlines, what makes working with him very pleasant.
Mark Tigchelaar
TEDx Speaker | Neuro-psychology 

I have worked with José on many projects.
From graphical design, to illustration to Photoshop improvements on images and logo design.
On every field he is always positive, open and looking for new ways.
He has a great visual mind and imagination and I loved working with him.
He is a great member of the team, works hard and keeps on pushing for the best.
Rodger Beekman
Chief Experience at PwC's experience center at PwC

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