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José Bernabé
José Bernabé born in Murcia (Spain) in 1979 is a versatile Graphic Designer and Lettering Artist dividing his time between the cities of Amsterdam and Málaga.
He is passionate about blending  lettering, typography and illustration using both traditional and digital techniques to create visually striking designs. He has produced vibrant work for reputable brands such as Google, Nike, Adobe, Nickelodeon, Adidas, Amazon, among others.
José's work has been featured in numerous publications, including Adobe, Abduzeedo, Inspiration Now, Design Taxi, Fubiz, TrendHunter, Photoshop Creative Magazine, Fahrenheit Magazine, Index Books, Betype, and Graffica.
As a constantly evolving professional, he is always experimenting to push the boundaries of design. He has honed his skills in Logo Design, Lettering, Motion Graphics, 3D Graphics and Illustration, making him an excellent choice for clients looking for a well-rounded designer who can deliver visually stunning designs that effectively communicate the desired message.

José has given talks and workshops at various events, including Element Talks in Warsaw, Festival de Antigua in Guatemala, and Let's Talk Design in Amsterdam. He was also a jury member for Core77 in New York in 2019. He also has developed a Lettering course on Domestika in 2021, allowing aspiring designers to learn from his expertise. 
With his dedication to his craft, José is the go-to designer for clients seeking outstanding Logo Design, Lettering, Motion Graphics, 3D Graphics, and Illustration work. His ability to combine various techniques and styles to create unique designs that capture the essence of his clients' brands is unmatched.
Whether you're a start-up or a well-established brand, José's passion for design and commitment to delivering exceptional results will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.


- Element Talks (Warsaw)
- Festival de Antigua (Guatemala)
- Let's Talk Design (Amsterdam)
- Core77 Jury Member (New York)
- Domestika Lettering course (Madrid)

"I have worked with José on various projects, and he has always brought freshness and originality to those projects. Besides being a great logo designer, he has skills in any design field, which makes him a versatile designer that is very useful for any type of project. And he's a nice human being as well! Which always helps."​​​​​​​
" Working with José is always a pleasure. He has jumped in on a variety of projects with very short notice and has saved the day over and over again. He is extremely flexible and has worked under some extremely tight deadlines and still delivers top quality each time around. He also has a very impressive skillset and we've had him on a wide range of projects that he always seamlessly plugs into. Really hope to continue to work together with José in the future! "
"I have worked with José on many projects.
From graphical design, to illustration to Photoshop improvements on images and logo design.
On every field he is always positive, open and looking for new ways.
He has a great visual mind and imagination and I loved working with him.
He is a great member of the team, works hard and keeps on pushing for the best."
"I worked quite a while with José at JWT Amsterdam. He’s a very talented guy, an original thinker, and a good colleague. A bit stubborn though, but sometimes stubborn is good.
I’m a great admirer of his artwork. It’s unique, funny, bizarre and colorful."
" We have worked with José numerous times, at Havas Worldwide (aka Euro RSCG) and the fact that we also asked José to work for our own agency Bijvoorkeur says enough.
His designs, whether it’s logo’s, house style, creative ideas, etc., are amazing.
But not only that, he is pro-active and very pleasant to work with.
I would definitely recommend him! "
"José has an amazing creative mind, and makes the most beautiful designs.
At the same time he is very goal oriented and focused on deadlines, what makes working with him very pleasant."
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